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Who am I?

My name’s Pierluigi Marini,I have been in sales management for over 10 years and I was a sales manager for a wine cellar in Franciacorta that dealt with biodynamic conversion. In 2014, I set up my own business as an independent legally registered company of alcoholic beverages wholesale.I am a sales person,but do not spread the word,nobody would trust me anymore! I have been always fascinated by the world of wine and by agriculture,by sustainable and natural life. I have found out with amazement, after a long research, that I am even more confused on terms such as artisan,authentic,natural, organic, biodynamic, ancestral, ifoto 3ndependent , sustainable … terms that somehow overlap one another, each with its own philosophy and regulations:this makes my search for a definite answer almost impossible!
The current situation in the world of wines is complex, made of confusing regulations (Italian bureaucracy does not deny it!), that makes life difficult even for people like me, who want to embark on this kind of business!

Why the name “ Licinsì”?

Because it used to be in the house where I was born and where I still live.
Because it is out of time and place.
Because it is at the limit of legality, but full of common sense!
Because it is useful,real and of today.
Because it is made of peoples’ issues

What is it today?

“Licinsì”is today my Studio: a room in my home where I plan my work, this is where I look for and select wines to create a brochure; it is where I sell my wines to private consumers and professionals.

I do hope I will open a real “Licinsì”one day (plantation included)

How do I select?

It naturally takes a long time,it may even take a lifetime,although I would not mind that! My selection is not only in the study through knowledge, word of mouth, phone calls,internet …, but out of common sense. I decided to work as follows:

* Pre-selection
and search on Internet, trade fairs in order to find an artisan production, giving priority to wines from native grapes and representative of the region.
* Trip
to the vineyardand visit to the winemaker, primarily in the fields and then to the cellar:I see,explore and examine their techniques and taste the product.
* Selection
I fill in a form with my ratings on wines and on the winery. Once I am back home,I organize a wine tasting evening with friends (technicians, wine experts, enthusiasts),we then fill in an evaluation sheet. I analyze all the results and choose the wineries that I want to represent.
* Partneship
I then let all the wineries know about the results of the evening, I thank them of the hospitality and ask them to prepare :
- my wine data sheet (updated every year)
- a copy of the laboratory analysis of the wine (updated every year).

I enjoy doing this,because I consider it very important:the consumer needs to be informed on what he /she drinks. Transparency,something that is not often there when we buyproducts:this is my mission! “Licinsì” is a guarantee of quality products:here you will find a person, his common sense and his genuine approach to sale.You will find a farmer, ignorant in his wisdom,somebody who will upgrade your knowledge by telling you about the work done to make the wine you are about to drink. Work in progress then for my “Licinsì”!… in the meantime you can create your own Licinsì in the privacy of your home, or in the street with some friends, and why not with a good bottle of wine to taste!

Good Bye Pierluigi